Module 3: New York June 7-10, 2019. No Materials

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This option does not include course materials. Student will bring all of their own test sheets.

Westchester, New York  June 7-10, 2019


This module provides hands-on practice and review of all aspects of sensory integration and praxis with a variety of assessments that were introduced in module 2. During the onsite module 3, participants will have an opportunity to clarify any questions they have about the information presented in the online instruction, practice assessment administration and scoring with peers and, when possible, practice the assessments with children brought in to the course.

In partnership with Pace University.

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WHO CAN ENROLL IN MODULE 3? Module 3 is open to health-care professionals with at least bachelor level equivalent college/university degrees in occupational therapy, speech pathology, physical therapy, psychology, and medicine.

List Price: 880.00